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30 Day Film Challenge Day 9: A Beloved Movie You Dislike

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We're back with our ninth day of the movie challenge and we're talking about love/hate relationships!
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I hate to use the word hate, but you get the point. There are a lot of very popular and beloved films out there that just don’t click for you. And you feel like the outsider with the way you just can’t get into it, or how it gets under your skin in the worst ways for all sorts of reasons that may not even make sense sometimes. And you get the side-eye from the bulk of people who really enjoy it, like you’re just “not right” because of this.

For me, it’s The Sound of Music. The whole thing never connected for me and to make matters worse, my youngest daughter fell in love with this film at one point and spent a summer where it was on practically every day around the house. My distaste for it came from before that as I was never a big fan of Julie Andrews from this period of filmmaking and the whole thing just doesn’t connect well for me.

But oh my do I keep all of that to myself so as to not reduce her enjoyment of it!

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