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‘Tenchi Muyo’ 5th Series Reveals Third OVA Promo

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So. Many. Cabbits!

The fourth OVA season for Tenchi Muyo hit back in 2016 and wrapped up in late 2017. We learned in July 2019 that a fifth OVA season is in the works that will be bringing back the staff and cast. The season is set for a six-volume run that began on February 28th, 2020 where they’ll be Blu-ray-only releases priced at 6,500 yen each. The third volume is still planned for an August 28th, 2020 debut and after introducing some new characters recently a new promotional video has landed to highlight its tropical island elements.

With Masaki Kajishima credited as the original creator, he’s serving as the chief director for it and working on the original character designs. Keitaro Motonaga is directing while Sayuri Sakimoto is serving as chief animation director and character designer. Hideki Shirane is on board as the handling the scripts while AIC once again is on board for the animation production.

The original series debuted back in 1992 and serving as the launching point for Pioneer LDC to bring anime to North America.

The Japanese cast includes Masami Kikuchi as Tenchi Masaki, Ai Orikasa as Ryoko, Haruhi Nanao as Aeka Masaki Jurai, Chisa Yokoyama as Sasami Masaki Jurai, Michie Tomizawa as Mihoshi Kuramitsui, Yūko Kobayashi as Washu Hakubi, Etsuko Kozakura as Ryo-Ohki, Naomi Shindoh as Noike Kamiki Jurai, Ken Uo as Katsuhito Masaki, Katsuyuki Konishi as Nobuyuki Masaki, Rio Natsuki as Rea Masaki, Yuko Nagashima as Minaho Masaki, Rei Sakuma as Funaho Masaki Jurai, Emi Shinohara as Tennyo Masaki, Sakiko Tamagawa as Airi Masaki, Yumi Touma as Tokimi, Kenichi Ogata as Azaka, Satsuki Yukino as Tsukiko Masaki, Yoko Soumi as Mikami Kuramitsu, Rui Tanabe as Ringo Tatsuki, Risa Yuzuki as Mizune Masaki, Azusa Satou as Otoka Masaki and Miya Amamiya as Fūka Masaki.

The additional cast for this season includes Katsuyuki Konishi as Nobuyuki Masaki, Rio Natsuki as Reia Masaki, Emi Shinohara as Tennyo Masaki, Yumi Touma as Tokimi, Kumi Sakuma as Kiriko Masaki, Shiho Kawaragi as Karen, Ryoka Yuzuki as Jovia Jovis, Kei Shindou as Dird Shank, Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Palty July, Hana Takeda as Miron Pham, Yoshiya Naruke as Shō Kukoma, Misato Fukuen as Alea Varta, and Sawako Hata as Apuesta da Rumah.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Property concept: Tenchi Masaki was a normal 17-year-old boy until the day he accidentally releases the space pirate, Ryoko, from a cave she was sealed in 700 years ago as the people thought she was a demon. In a series of events, four other alien girls show up at the Masaki household as Tenchi learns much of his heritage he never knew about and deal with five alien girls who each have some sort of romantic interest in him.

Volume Date Extras
1 02/28/20 Booklet, Drama CD 1, Clean Opening
2 05/29/20
3 08/28/20
4 11/27/20
5 02/26/21
6 05/28/21
Tenchi Muyo 5th Series Japanese Volume 2 Cover
Tenchi Muyo 5th Series Japanese Volume 2 Packaging
Tenchi Muyo 5th Series Japanese Volume 1 Cover
Tenchi Muyo 5th Series Japanese Volume 1 Packaging

[Source: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (Season 5)]

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