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Funimation Sets New ‘One Piece’ Anime TV DVD Release

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Thirteen more bilingual episodes on the way.

With the tenth season of One Piece DVD releases getting underway back in June with the first set, the second set has found itself a relatively quick announcement as well. Scheduled for a September 8th, 2020 debut, the second set for the tenth season of the series is set to arrive. Priced at $39.99, it’ll feature episodes 588 through 600 in bilingual form. At the moment, it only lists the clean opening and closing sequences as extras in the retail solicitation while the cover highlights the specially commissioned cover artwork.

It’s been a long time since we had new DVD episodes and newly dubbed episodes of the TV series and this hopefully sets us up for a lot more to come for the next few years.

Plot Concept: Sanji, Zoro and Brook seek a samurai’s torso while Chopper and the others endure a troublesome tantrum. The lab children are suffering withdrawals, and the man responsible happens to be Law’s next target. A Straw Hat and Heart Pirate alliance is in order! But their gaseous nemesis takes the wind from their sails and sets a slime monster hot on their trails. Worst of all, there’s a traitor in G-5.

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