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‘Eternity ~Late Night Wet Love Channel~’ Anime Announced

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A new late-night series for the fall.
© Eternity Books Original author / Alpha Police / Eternity Wet-chan ♡ Production Committee

Add another series that’s likely not to see the light of day streaming here as there’ve been several like this over the last few seasons. The Eternity Books imprint from AlphaPolis has announced that it’s getting a show this fall called Eternity ~Late Night Wet Love Channel~. The show will be an anthology series with each episode featuring a new story based on works from their books and different creators. The Tokyo MX version will be the regular version while the streaming version will get racier. Tokyo MX and streaming services have worked several of these over the last few seasons but almost none of them have been streamed in their regular version overseas nor picked up for licensing for home video.

The stories included are:

  1. Kimi ga Suki Dakara (Because I Like You) by Miju Inoue
  2. Dekiai Days (Doting Days) by Maki Makihara
  3. Ai Sareru no Mo Oshigoto Desu ka?! (Is Being Loved Also Part of the Job?!) by Subaru Kayano
  4. Machikogareta Happy End (The Long-Awaited Happy Ending) by Miki Yoshizakura
  5. Noraneko wa Ai ni Oboreru (Drowning the Stray Cat in Love) by Akari Sakura
  6. Bōsō Propose wa Goku Ama Shitate (The Reckless Proposal Dressed Up in Sweetness) by Mayu Fuyuno
  7. Purin no Tanaka-san wa Kedamono. (Tanaka-san With the Pudding is a Beast) by Zakku Yukito
  8. Reikoku CEO wa Hisho ni Oboreru ka? (Will the Cold-Hearted CEO Fall Head Over Heels for the Secretary?) by Ruru Ruzuki
  9. Sōmubu no Maruyama-san, Ikemen Shachō ni Dekiai Sareru (The Handsome President Dotes on Maruyama from General Affairs) by Hiromi Yūin
  10. 152-senchi 62-kilo no Koibito (The 152cm Tall, 62kg Lover) by Aoi Katakura
  11. Watashi to Kare no Omiai Jijō (The Formal Marraige Situation Between Me and Him) by Mao Yukimura
  12. 4-ban Me no Iinazuke Kōho (The Fourth Fiance Candidate) by Seiya Togashi

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Each new weekly episode will feature a “regular version” airing late-night on Tokyo MX, and the “deluxe ♡ version” streaming with adult scenes.

[Source: ANN]

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