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13th ‘Hakushon Daimaou’ Anime Episode Previewed

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Take a sneak peek at the next episode!

It always feels a bit weird in talking about 50th-anniversary projects with some material but that’s the reality of the situation. YTV announced a new incarnation of the Hakushon Daimaou property at the start of 2020 as part of the spring season. The series premiered on April 11th, 2018, and is now getting some preview material out for its thirteenth episode that’s lined up for a tentative July 11th, 2020 debut with this second promotional spot about its return. Check it out below!

Please note that YTV removes these previews when the episode airs.

The show is based on the idea by Tatsuo Yoshida and was directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa. Tatsunoko Production was behind the animation producing for the 52-episode run that aired from 1969 to 1970.

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Original Concept: A young boy finds a bottle in his attic with a genie who can be summoned by sneezing. Unfortunately, the genie isn’t very good, and his wishes have a tendency to go wrong…


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