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Seven Seas Acquires ‘A White Rose in Bloom’ Manga

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The folks at Seven Seas Entertainment have picked up a new manga series that they’ll be bringing out with Mejirobana no Saku. The property from Asumiko Nakamura will be localized as A White Rose in Bloom with plans for a January 2021 digital and physical media release.

The property originally began in 2017 as serialized in Rakuen le Paradis and has one volume out in Japan so far.

Plot Concept: Ruby is a student at an elite European boarding school. Things are going pretty well for her until she finds out that she won’t be able to go home at Christmas. Instead, she’ll be stuck at school with only one other student–the aloof and beautiful Steph–for company. As Ruby tries to understand Steph, she becomes more and more interested in the other girl. But can she break through Steph’s icy exterior?

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