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Sentai Adds First Two ‘Chihayafuru’ Anime Season Trailers

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Take a look at what went into making the long-anticipated third season!
© Chihayafuru 2019 Production

One of the best shows that I think Sentai Filmworks have picked up in the past few years is one that they’re catching up on streaming trailers for with Chihayafuru. Most of the attention was on the third season and the dub produced for the original works so general trailers were produced but not part of their YouTube channel. That’s now been corrected with the first two seasons getting separate trailers to take us back to the early days of this wonderful property.

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Morio Asaka is set to direct with series composition handled by Yuuko Kakihara. Kunihiko Hamada is on board with the character designs and Madhouse handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Asami Seto as Chihaya Ayase, Mamoru Miyano as Taichi Mashima, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Arata Wataya, Tooru Nara as Yūsei Nishida, Ai Kayano as Kanade Ōe, Tsubasa Yonaga as Tsutomu Komano, Megumi Han as Sumire Hanano, and Miyu Irino as Akihiro Tsukuba.

Kenta Miyake takes over for Unshō Ishizuka as Dr. Harada while Yoshino Ohtori takes over for Toshiko Fujita. Both original actors had passed away since last performing the roles in the second season.

The manga began in 2008 and has thirty-seven volumes so far that sell quite well in Japan. Kodansha Comics is releasing it digitally in North America while Sentai Filmworks has licensed and released the first two seasons for home video release.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Chihaya Ayase was a girl who never seemed to fit in. She never had much in common with the other kids, and her family was so obsessed with her older sister’s modeling career that, sometimes, it was like Chihaya wasn’t even there. Everything changes when transfer student Arata gets Chihaya interested in the world of competitive Karuta, a unique card-based game that requires lightning fast reflexes, an exceptional memory, and a keen ear. Chihaya is a natural, and she has the skills to take her to the very top. Suddenly, Chihaya has found her goal: to become the best player in Japan! It won’t be easy, but when a girl has a dream in her heart, nothing else matters in CHIHAYAFURU!

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