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NBC Universal Japan Schedules New ‘Higurashi’ Anime Compact Blu-ray Release

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Moving to the picturesque town of Hinamizawa is going to be a big adjustment for Keiichi. If he survives it.

With the new series in the works for Higurashi, the folks at NBC Universal Japan are smartly thinking that this is the time to go after another slice of the audience with a home video release. Planned for a September 30th, 2020 debut, they’ve got a three-disc “compact” edition coming out that’s a priced down piece to get a lot of material into people’s hands “on the cheap” compared to past releases. Priced at 18,000 yen, it’ll be setup like this:

  • – Disc 1 SD (Season 1: 26 eps)
  • – Disc 2 SD (Season 2: 24 eps)
  • – Disc 3 HD (Rei OVA: 5 eps + Kira OVA: 4 eps)

I can see them pushing this as “high-end” SD material as they do their other SDBD releases. But for those that just want to own a good clean version of the show and HD doesn’t matter, it’s definitely one way to get 59 episodes very cheap and without taking up much space.

Plot concept: Moving to the picturesque town of Hinamizawa is going to be a big adjustment for Keiichi. For all its beauty, it’s also tiny… so small that there’s only one school, one where most of the students have known each other all their lives. Fortunately, he soon meets four girls… Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika, who’re willing to let the new guy in town join their afterschool club. And for a while, things seem wonderful. Until Keiichi starts discovering strange things, like the project manager for a controversial dam project being found dismembered five years ago. As he digs deeper, there are whispers and rumors of other murders and disappearances, stories of a town curse, and mysterious rituals. And then people he knows start to die. What secrets have the people of Hinamizawa kept hidden from the rest of the world? And could his new friends somehow be involved? The shocking answers will be revealed WHEN THEY CRY!

[Source: Higurashi]

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