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Get Ready To Flex With The ‘Muscles Are Better Than Magic!’ Light Novel & Nabga Pickup By Seven Seas

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Seven Seas Entertainment has a pretty fun title in the mix that they’ve picked up with the Mahо̄? Sonna Koto yori Kinniku da! light novels. The series from comes from writer DORANEKO and artist Relucy and will be localized as Muscles Are Better Than Magic! The light novel series is set for a January 2021 print debut while getting a digital release earlier. The manga from Koji Onodera adapting the novels is set for a print and digital release in April 2021.

The light novel series debuted back in 2017 and is ongoing with 184 chapters so far. The manga began its adaptation in 2018 and has four volumes released so far.

Plot Concept: For ten years, Yuri has lived alone in the forest, training his muscles day and night to hone his body into the ultimate fighting machine. But when the beautiful elf Filia stumbles upon his home, she begs him to help her escape the forest. There’s just one problem: Yuri’s never left the woods, and besides, this odd couple can’t seem to agree on anything. It’s the beginning of a wacky journey through strange lands and stranger adventures!

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