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30 Day Film Challenge Day 2: A Sequel Better Than The Original

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We're back with our second day of the movie challenge and we're going to make this a bit more complicated for some. 
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We’re back with our second day of the movie challenge and we’re going to make this a bit more complicated for some.

What sequel is better than the original – but with the caveat that you can’t use Star Wars or Star Trek films because those are just too common and easy to use.

We’ll also open this up so you don’t have to use a direct sequel if there are a few in the line overall and some later ones are better than the original.

For me, I’m going to go back to some of my youthful days and run with Road Warrior. I had really enjoyed the original Mad Max a lot because so much of it to a young kid in the early 80s was utterly alien as Australia was just a word that you knew as being some country far away. But it was through that I got my first glimpses of some of its personality, landscape, and the kind of at the time intensely youthful energy in filmmaking. And, for better or worse, brought about a decade+ of Mel Gibson films that defined the period for many people.

But Road Warrior… that distilled down what could be done with an action film almost to its purest self. Lean, intense, a pure product of the 80s mindset in so many ways, it’s a view of the future that still holds for many in a lot of ways. The performances are simple, there isn’t a lot of depth, but it created something that was intense that you couldn’t look away from. And while I love Beyond Thunderdome a whole lot, Road Warrior still tops it. I still look at Fury Road as its own beast in some ways, a sequel-but-not, because of the change in leads, as otherwise that would take the top slot here with George Miller getting to fully realize his vision of this world.

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