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We Never Learn Vol. #08 Manga Review

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While there were certainly a lot of comedic moments, they were also a few genuinely touching ones as well.

Creative Staff
Story: Taishi Tsutsui
Art: Taishi Tsutsui
Translation: Erika Terriquez
Lettering: Rochelle Gancio

What They Say:
Nariyuki Yuiga comes from an impoverished family, so he’s eager to secure a full scholarship to college before he graduates high school. His principal agrees, with one stipulation—he must tutor the two smartest girls at school and make sure they get into their target colleges!

It’s time for the school festival, and that means delicious food, amazing performances and beautiful cosplay! But wait—why is Mafuyu Kirisu wearing a costume too? Isn’t she a teacher? And did Fumino Furuhashi really kiss someone as part of a play?! This year’s festival is going to teach everyone some risqué lessons in love!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The school festival is just around the corner! But before that, there are a few things that need to be addressed. First up, practice interviews. Ogata isn’t a fan of these and recommends ditching school to get some udon. Ogata, you bad girl! Nariyuki remarks that this will be good practice for whatever schools they apply for. He’s right, you know? Everything should be fine. And then they discover that Kirisu-sensei will be the one conducting the interviews. Okay, now they should be a little nervous. That udon is sounding real good right about now! Let’s just say that Kirisu-sensei gave Ogata and Furuhashi very intense interviews. Both of them are in tears once their interviews are over! Poor girls. Kirisu-sensei can be very intimidating. Also, Nariyuki isn’t exempt from an interview! Of course, he’s super nervous! What can he do to calm down? Oh yeah, picture Kirisu-sensei in her tracksuit! That’ll make him less scared. Unfortunately, he pictures her in almost everything but her tracksuit. Some notable examples include a swimsuit, a maid outfit, a school uniform, and a Chinese dress. You’re a naughty boy, Nariyuki! On the bright side, Kirisu-sensei does praise him for being able to admit his own shortcomings. I guess that means the practice interview didn’t go too terribly!

Other fun pre-festival moments include Sekijo going shopping with Ogata to find a new pencil case. Along the way, they run into Nariyuki. She makes up an excuse to leave so they can spend the day together. Sekijo was really looking forward to this but nothing is more important than Ogata’s happiness. D’awww. That’s adorable. She’s a true friend. We also find out why she looks up to Ogata so much. Sekijo used to be made fun of for being a brainiac. Why wasn’t she being praised? Eventually, she met Ogata and saw how she didn’t care about showing off her genius. She has looked up to her ever since! Again, that’s adorable. Another memorable moment includes Nariyuki learning how to swim. Yeah, he doesn’t know how to swim. He’s also failing P.E. In an attempt to not fail the class, he gets extra swimming lessons. Guess who gets stuck teaching him? Yup, Takemoto. As we already know, she’s a terrible teacher. Nariyuki learns nothing under her tutelage. It doesn’t help that Takemoto is also blushing like crazy most of the time. In the end, it’s Kirisu-sensei that teaches him the basics. Dang, she’s everywhere! After the swimming shenanigans, Kirisu-sensei and Takemoto have a heart-to-heart in the shower. What better place to have one? Takemoto is feeling the pressure to win at the swim meet and Kirisu-sensei helps calm her nerves. What a good teacher, huh?

It’s finally time for the school festival! As you can probably imagine, shenanigans ensue. And it all begins with people getting the wrong costumes. Kirisu-sensei mistakingly gets Takemoto’s Full Pure costume. She’d happily give it back…but she can’t. It won’t come off without ripping. Well, what are they going to be about Takemoto and crew’s Full Pure performance!? It’s decided that Kirisu-sensei will take Takemoto’s place in the performance! Will she be able to learn all the moves in time? No sweat! This volume has made it clear that Kirisu-sensei can do anything. Is she even human!? But hey, that doesn’t mean that Takemoto has to be left out! Nariyuki manages to make her a new Full Pure costume out of spare materials in his class. She’s now rocking the Full Pure Darkness look! I am a fan. Even the president of the Anime Club gives her costume props. That’s high praise! The performance goes well and Kirisu-sensei becomes extremely popular. The room for her lecture later that day was packed! That’s how popular she became. And you know what? She’s also the most popular character to the readers. At the end of the volume, the results of the first-ever character popularity poll revealed that Kirisu-sensei was #1.

The costume mishaps continue! Furuhashi is forced to play the role of Sleeping Beauty. Who’s playing Prince Charming? The Thorn Society unanimously picks Nariyuki for the role. After all, he’s the one that Princess Furuhashi loves! Naturally, they keep this a secret from her. Heck, they also keep this a secret from Nariyuki. He agrees to help them with the play but he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. They tell him not to worry about it and to get changed into his outfit. He ends up putting on a Meowpoleon costume. I’m sorry but Meowpoleon gets me every time, haha. This was actually supposed to be the costume meant for Kirisu-sensei’s lecture. In fact, the other teachers think it’s her in that costume and chase Nariyuki around the school! He manages to escape them with the help of Kominami. Apparently, she’s a legend at the school. I believe it. She leads him through the ducts and parts ways with him to distract the teachers. Nariyuki ends up above the Sleeping Beauty play. He witnesses a huge scuffle to decide who will get to kiss Furuhashi. She’s totally terrified! I can’t blame her. Luckily for her, Meowpoleon falls onto the stage. She thinks that it’s Kominami in the costume and kisses Nariyuki! Does this count as a real kiss? I mean, their lips didn’t really touch. I’m not going to try and figure this out! Hilariously, Furuhashi meets up with Kominami later and is told that she’s mistaken. Then who did she kiss!?!? It’s probably for the best that she never found out.

The only thing left to do is help Ogata sell a thousand bowls of ramen! Now that’s quite the challenge. Her dad mistook a hundred for a thousand. Come on, Papa Ogata! But with everyone’s help, she manages to sell every single bowl of ramen. Phew! What a workout. That’s a wrap for the school festival, right? Oh, I almost forgot! I guess there’s this little rumor going around that during the fireworks on the last night, if a boy and a girl are touching when the first firework goes up, they’ll be together forever. It’s just a rumor though. But you better believe that all the girls are going to try and hold Nariyuki’s hand! Some are bold while others need a small push from their friends. In the end, one lucky girl does get to hold his hand! Who’s the lucky girl? Well, I couldn’t tell you because it’s never revealed. Go figure!!!

In Summary:
This volume was a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be. All of the girls had alone time with Nariyuki, whether they realized it or not. The school festival turned out to be a crazy day full of shenanigans thanks to costume mishaps. I had a feeling things would turn out the way they did but it still turned out to be enjoyable. The Full Pure concert was amusing. Furuhashi had a lot of amazing facial reactions. I didn’t appreciate the fireworks scene at the end though. While there were certainly a lot of comedic moments, they were also a few genuinely touching ones as well. Kirisu-sensei giving Takemoto advice on how to deal with pressure was nice to see. Sekijo’s backstory was great and probably my favorite chapter of the volume. You should never be ashamed of your genius! All in all, it was a fun read.

Content Grade: B
Art Grade: A
Packaging Grade: A-
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: T+
Released By: VIZ Media
Release Date: February 4th, 2020
MSRP: $9.99 (US), $12.99 (CAN)

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