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Magu-chan: God of Destruction #2 Review

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It’s weird that after only the first chapter, Ruru has already built a positive relationship with Magu-chan.

“The Boy Ren Fujisawa”

Story: Kei Kamiki
Tranlation: Christine Dashiell
Lettering: Erika Terriquez

What They Say:
The God of Destruction Magu Menueku has been summoned by the Chaos Cult. Humanity’s last hope is the honorable Holy Knights! The battle to save mankind…took place hundreds of years ago… But now a girl out in the country named Ruru releases the legendary god of destruction who had been trapped in a magical jewel! Will the natto-eating, destruction beam-blasting Magu-chan fill the world with complete chaos? This heart-warming, destructive comedy series is ready to explode onto the scene!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Ruru lives in a peaceful country town somewhere. Unfortunately, it isn’t peaceful for her. She wants to rest after a hard day at school. But Magu-chan lies waiting for an opportunity to cause destruction. He wants to blow up the school as a favor to Ruru but this causes her to wake up and stop him from blowing anything up. Magu-chan has been waiting for Ruru to return from up to the ceiling. Nothing weird about that. Just a destructive god clinging to a ceiling. Everything is normal.

One of Ruru, classmates, Ren, has gift certificates to a local mall and invites her to go to the mall with him. He gets more than he bargained for as he meets Magu-chan. Magu-chan has spent most of the day reading Shojo manga. This will bring nothing but everlasting torment to Ren. Ren is slowly asking Ruru on a date but Ruru is oblivious to this fact. Magu-chan is quick on the uptake and realizes what Ren’s true intention is with the gift certificates. Magu-chan offers his silence on the matter if Ren agrees to become his servant.

The trip to the mall seems normal at first but there always danger hiding in the corner. Magu-chan eats a hamburger and he has the most pleasant description of it. His review consists of “Stepped in salt and fat, it is a most pleasing offering. Not bad.” Those are just the perfect words to describe eating a hamburger. When I eat a hamburger, I have to think of the salt and fat used to make it. One burger makes Magu-chan fat and a ticking time bomb. Ruru wants to help Magu-chan but she is disoriented and can’t think of a solution. Ren takes him and somehow throws him several feet up in the air and unleashes all of the fat energy. Ren saves the day and is now a hero. The best part is that he buys an accessory that Ruru thought was cute. But the thriller is that Ruru assumes it for Magu-chan and puts it on the rascal. He is going to get nowhere with Ruru if Magu-chan is in the way. Magu-chan is pure torment for a boy with simple desires.

In Summary:
It’s weird that after only the first chapter, Ruru has already built a positive relationship with Magu-chan. Their relationship could have been built up a little bit more before a new character was introduced. Ruru’s dense nature is a great setup for hilarious moments presently but it’s not going to last long. Though, the addition of Ren makes for a great outsider to have a view of Ruru and Magu-chan’s uncanny relationship. It makes for great comedy as he tries to be in Ruru’s life and wants to ask out her like a teenager. But he constantly gets interrupted by Magu-chan wicked personality unless he agrees to serve him. This manga has a wonderful cast that makes for enjoyable interactions. The art in this chapter stills annoys me. I don’t understand why there are several pages where the characters are still being drawn without eyes. It takes away from the emotion that characters are experiencing. The eyes can be used for comedic effect.

Content Grade: B
Art Grade: C
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: Teen
Released By: Shonen Jump
Release Date: June 26, 2020

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