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First ‘Black Butler’ Anime Season Gets Hulu Distribution

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A “butler” was always alongside a boy known as “the Aristocrat of Evil.”

Black ButlerWith Aniplex USA having previously acquired the rights to the Black Butler first season, the anime is now being slotted for a new release. With a new home video release that came out in early 2019, Aniplex is expanding things on the streaming side. The show has now returned to Hulu after previously expiring on the service, giving fans a bilingual opportunity to watch it again.

The property comes from the manga Kuroshitsuji that began back in 2006 from Yana Toboso. The series is still ongoing with the twenty-seven volumes out so far. Yen Press releases the series domestically while FUNimation has handled the anime localizations.

Plot Concept: 19th Century Great Britain

A “butler” was always alongside a boy known as “the Aristocrat of Evil.”

In the latter half of the 19th century, Sebastian is a butler for the aristocratic Phantomhive household. He is intelligent, refined, dignified, and specializes in cooking and martial arts–a perfect servant in all respects. Dressed to the nines in a jet black tailcoat, Sebastian magnificently performs his duties, effortlessly dealing with his selfish 12-year-old master, Ciel.

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