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Sentai Streams The ‘Chaika – The Coffin Princess’ Anime Trailer

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While it’s been some time since Sentai Filmworks released the Chaika – The Coffin Princess anime series, it’s one where they didn’t add the trailer to it on their main channel. We saw it on home video releases but if you wanted a clean online reference to share, you were out of luck. That’s thankfully been updated now with the trailer streaming and showing off the property – and likely introducing it to newer fans who hadn’t heard of it.

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The property comes from writer Sakaki Ichirou, who is known for his work Scrapped Princess primarily. The series is animated by Bones with Soichi Masui directing, which is amusing since he did Scrapped Princess as well. The show was adapted by Touko Machida while Nobuhiro Arai handled the character designs. Known as Hitsugime no Chaika in Japan, the novels began back in 2010 and wrapped up in 2015 with twelve volumes. A manga adaptation kicked off in late 2011 and finished in 2015 but another one is ongoing.

Plot concept: The horrors of war still haunt 20-year-old retired soldier Toru Acura. Disillusioned and unemployed, Toru spends his days loafing around without purpose, and struggles to adjust to a life without combat. However, his younger sister, Akari, is fed up with being the sole breadwinner, and this time she’s dead serious. Faced with the ultimatum of finding a source of income or meeting the business end of Akari’s spiked hammer, Toru is reluctantly forced out of the house to find a either a job or a gravesite. Instead, Toru runs smack dab into the mysterious Chaika Trabant, a 14-year-old girl from a faraway land with interesting taste in accessories. On her back is a massive coffin almost as large as the secret she carries, and although she may be small this girl packs a big punch. For Chaika is not just a stray traveler- she’s a sniper rifle-toting sorceress who’s a hell of a shot! Their chance encounter sets forth a series of events that will not only force them to confront their pasts, but will forever change their futures in COFFIN PRINCESS CHAIKA!

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