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Marvel Schedules First ‘Moon Knight Omnibus’ Release

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Discover the many faces of the Moon Knight! Mercenary. Werewolf hunter. Millionaire playboy. Cab driver. Superhero?

The folks at Marvel Comics are definitely all-in on some really strong omnibus releases coming up into 2021 as they’ve now added the first Moon Knight one. Set for a January 19th, 2021 debut, the 1,016-page hardcover will be priced at $125 list and contain works from creates such as Doug Moench, David Anthony Kraft, Bill Mantlo, Steven Grant, Jack Harris, and Frank Miller with pencils by Don Perlin, Keith Giffen, Mike Zeck, Jim Mooney, Jim Craig, Bill Sienkiewicz, Denys Cowan, Herb Trimpe, and Keith Pollard. The cover art was done by David Finch and Bill Sienkiewicz.

The specific works included are:

  • Werewolf by Night (1972) #32-33
  • Marvel Spotlight (1971) #28-29
  • Defenders (1972) #47-50
  • Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #22-23
  • Marvel Two-in-One (1974) #52
  • Moon Knight (1980) #1-20
  • Marvel Team-up Annual #4
  • Material from Hulk Magazine #11-15, #17-18, and #20
  • Marvel Preview #21
  • Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #220

Plot concept: For years, Marc Spector has defended New York City as the masked vigilante Moon Knight. Calling upon the powers of the ancient Egyptian God Khonshu, he has kept the city safe from street gangs and supernatural forces alike. Or has he? Waking up in an insane asylum will shake anyone’s confidence. But it can’t be true, can it? His mind is full of identities and he no longer knows which is real. His thoughts are clouded and he has no idea what to believe. If he calls to Khonshu, he believes he will receive an answer. But is this a sign he still clings to his sanity, or has it slipped from him completely?

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