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Digimon Adventure 2020: Episode #04 Anime Review

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The groundwork has been laid for hopefully some better moments in the future. 
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What They Say:
Birdramon Soars

As Taichi is pulled back into the world of the Network, he finds himself before an unfamiliar scenery. A dangerous path is set before Taichi and the others to find the answers they seek.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
It’s been two months since the last episode but it feels so much longer than that. Good thing this episode has a quick recap of the past episodes to serve as a reminder of what happened. Taichi gets stuck adventuring the Digital World with Sora while Koushiro is sent off to the Net. This episode features a monster of the week approach as Scimon and Coelamon attack the Digidestined. A monster of the week is a nice break from the last episodes. But I hope it’s not a common occurrence. 

This series approach to introducing characters is an improvement over the original series. This series has introduced two or three characters at a time. This approach gives more time to feel out the characters. They get to go on their adventures and go at their pace. It also avoids the Omegamon/Omnimon problem. The children have to figure out other ways to deal with their problems. They can’t rely on the powerful Omegamon for lower-level Digimon that wouldn’t stand a chance against him. 

Even though this is a new story, the characters have remained the same as the original series. I do have to wonder what is Taichi thinking trying to beat up Scimon with a wooden stick. Scimon has metal claws and Taichi is trying to beat him up with a wooden stick. But then I remember this is how Taichi is supposed to be. Moments before this happens, Taichi exclaims “Why is it you instead of Koushiro” in a rude manner. It’s the same Taichi from the original series who would do courageous actions but not well thought out.  I enjoyed seeing this aspect of Taichi but I wanted to see some new aspects upon these characters. 

Everyone knows wood beats metal claws.

This episode introduces Sora and Biyomon and the beginning of their relationship. Sora is still the same caring, tomboy that people have grown to love. She is walking around with a bunch of survival tools and her iconic hat. Does anyone else feel nervous that a little kid can buy a giant and gleefully smiling, walking around with that giant knife? I would want to see her have more of a reaction when she meets Digimon for the first time or is in the Digital World. She accepts the situation without questioning what is going on around her. There were some sweet moments building Sora and Biyomon’s relationship. It presented a good start to their relationship but I wanted to see more of them beginning to build a relationship.    

This is supposed to be Digimon, right?

The animation takes a dip from the last three episodes. Those episodes set a high standard that seemed impossible to meet for each episode. It seemed to be too good to be true but the dream stops here. Some moments are a bit rough to look at. The digivolution sequence for Greymon is top-notch though. It a great animation to demonstrate the beauty of digivolution. It incorporates Botamon and Koromon so people not familiar with the series might be confused by why these two Digimon are included in the sequence. I was shocked when Birdramon didn’t get a digivolution sequence. This series is capable of doing wonderful sequences and it felt disappointing not to see one for Birdramon.  

This smiling Agumon freaks me out.

In Summary:
This episode felt like it was moving a bit slowly and was dragging on at some parts. This could be attributed due to setting up the future episodes. I do like the direction that the series is hinting at where it is going to go next. Then the episode also wants to introduce Sora and Biyomon. I would have like to see more moments of them bonding together. It felt a bit forced in this episode. The groundwork has been laid for hopefully some better moments in the future.  Some nice easter eggs reveal where the show seeks to go from here. This anime continues to have excellent music selection. When Birdramon is battling Scimon, the music flows smoothly and captures the emotions of the battle superbly.  

Grade: B  

Streamed By: Crunchyroll


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