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‘Celestial Method’ Anime Gets Trailer Streamed Finally

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There’s more than a mystery that must be solved: there’s a promise that has to be kept in CELESTIAL METHOD.

One series from a few years back that worked better for me than I expected was the Sora no Method property, localized as Celestial Method. Sentai Filmworks brought that out after the 2014 simulcast run had finished up (though a new episode showed up last year) but because of the original run being so long ago, they never added the trailer to their channel – even though it showed up on lots of other discs in the extras section. They’ve corrected that and made it easier for fans to find an official and clean looking trailer while trying to find out about the show now, which we definitely appreciate. The series is still in print and current streams on HIDIVE.

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Celestial Method was directed by Masayuki Sakoi. The show has an original concept and script by Naoki Hisaya, who worked on the two Kanon releases as well as the original creator for Sola, which gives a few clues as to what kind of show this will be like. Character designs were handled by QP:flapper while the adaptation of them was done by Yukie Akitani, who is also served as the chief animation director.

The series stars Natsukawa Shiina as Nonoka Komiya, Inori Minase as Noel, Haruka Yoshimura as Shiiba Koharu, Kaito Ishikawa as Souta Mizusaka and Aki Toyosaki as Yuzuki Mizusaka.

Plot concept: It’s been seven years since Nonoka Komiya last lived in Lake Kiriya City. However, while she knew that there would be changes in the town, she’s still unprepared for what she finds upon her return: A giant saucer hovers over the entire city, as it has since shortly after she and her family left. Stranger yet, a girl she doesn’t know, Noel, is waiting for her, claiming that they have met before. Confused, Nonaka tries to focus on reconnecting with her old friends, but odd memories, suppressed in the wake of her mother’s death, begin to float to the top of her consciousness. Can it be that she has met Noel before? And how does this connect with the appearance of the saucer itself? To solve the riddle, Nonoka must join with her friends and rediscover the events that occurred before she left Lake Kiriya. Because there’s more than a mystery that must be solved: there’s a promise that has to be kept in CELESTIAL METHOD.

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