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30 Day Disney Challenge Day 29: Your Favorite Friend Pairing

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Our twenty-ninth day of the challenge gets underway!

While so many of the films and projects that we love from Disney focuses on the leading prince and princess or something similar, these stories are often made better by the supporting cast. And, in particular, friend pairings that just click in a way that absolutely delight. This isn’t restricted to just non-lead friend pairings as there’s some great ones, such as Gaston and Lefou, for example, but there are those that also are separate from the leads directly that delight.

And that’s the one that clicks for me the most coming from Lion King with Timon and Pumbaa. These two managed to get the right phrase that dominated the day and is still used by many now and they were, mostly, just so happy and outgoing that it made it a delight whenever they were one screen.

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