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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For June 28th, 2020

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So. Much. TV.

The summer TV season here and it’s kind of grim in a lot of ways. There are a good number of shows rolling out to check out but I’m stuck in a spot where a few of them I’m waiting on my viewing partner to be back from isolation so we can watch together in person. The biggest of those is Dark, so I’m hoping to sneak in a repeat viewing of the first two seasons before the third/final season arrives to deliver its darkness.

We wrapped up out second season of the Harley Quinn animated series and definitely enjoyed that a lot with what it presented. Ivy and Harley are always a draw and Kite-Man threw a real creative wrench into it where I really was cheering on the guy. I have no idea if we’ll get more or not but we got two great seasons out of it.

My viewing this past week has been repeat viewing for part of it where I’m going through the first season of Doom Patrol with my daughter that didn’t see it before and I’m loving the way it’s just blowing her mind with its weirdness. It’s right up her alley and it’s a delight to see it again myself while preparing for the second season that hit that I’m watching later this summer.

The new show I’m watching is Stargirl still and that delivered a lot of really good stuff as it plays up the generational aspects of a new JSA – even if I’d root more for an Infinity Inc. version of some sort.

Beyond that, I wrapped up the second season of Trapped on Amazon Prime and enjoyed that a lot and was glad to see a third season is in the works. I mixed that up with a little sixth season of Big Bang Theory repeats for some comfort food of sorts at the end of the day that I could just chuckle with and enjoy.

With the 4th of July this week, it’s a chance to try and sneak in a couple of movies outside of more Doom Patrol but otherwise keeping things quiet until I’m ready to start the third season of Marcella and the second season of Counterpart.

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