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Harley Quinn Seaason 2 Episode #13 – The Runaway Bridesmaid Review (Season Finale)

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It was a strong two-season show that broke past a lot of what DC animated works have done and was exactly what was needed.
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It all draws to a close with a lot of action and craziness.

What They Say:
The Runaway Bridesmaid

The Review:
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The second season of Harley Quinn comes at an odd time with its ending. We’ve had a couple of episodes with Harley and Ivy struggling to figure out how they really feel about each other, particularly with Ivy having what comes across as an authentic relationship with Kite-Man. While this is happening and a lot of fun to watch, we’re seeing a steady erasure of their relationship in the comics that’s just disheartening but not surprising. Having that happen as Pride Month wraps up is worse but this series helps to at least give fans a little something to latch onto because it’s just done so nicely. While Harley’s still not my favorite character in the comics through overuse, I’ve really come to enjoy her presentation here and Kaley Cuoco’s performance through her.

With Ivy securing Kite-Man’s dream wedding venue by dealing with the Condiment King beautifully, we also get to see some amusing scenes at Arkham that shows how everyone is handling being back there – including Harley. Where this ties into the wedding is that Two-Face provides the details on the wedding and eggs him into trying to take it down so he can be “bigger than Batman” for once. It’s amusing to watch as everything comes together and we see how Gordon gets his team to go on this and how Harley’s team convince her to eventually go as well as they’ve got big plans to perform there. The guest list is cute too, especially seeing a version of Tim Burton arrive there as well. And with Gordon and the cops mingling, all that she needs to do is to reconcile with the bridesmaids and Harley’s all-in on this.

Everything builds well because we see what Gordon is up to but nobody believes Harley, and Harley’s even worse off after Ivy basically calls her out by saying everything about her makes it hard for her to be what she wants to be for Kite-Man. But in the end, Harley is intent on protecting her best friend and that means getting in on the ceremony with all the friends and villains and the “cobb squad” protecting Ivy. But it’s hilarious how smart Gordon was by replacing all the plants with plastic versions so that Ivy couldn’t get them out and the chaos of the ceremony going south is wonderful – including a great Kite-Man/Ivy moment that replicates the Superman/Supergirl Crisis cover. It’s all Harley though for a lot of it as she kicks ass to fix things and push back against the cops.

In Summary:
Everything comes to those final couple of minutes though and I really love seeing how Kite-Man really comes to the reality of the situation and understands it mostly without malice and moves on. He’s got a right to be kind of pissed in a way, but at the same time the joy is in watching Harley and Ivy basically go all runaway bride together and we see how Ivy comes to the full realization herself. Both actors do a great job with this and combined with the crazy animation, the aria, and everything else going on, the season ends perfectly and if we never get more of it then it’s very easy to feel very satisfied by all of this and the commitment that the team made to it. It was a strong two-season show that broke past a lot of what DC animated works have done and was exactly what was needed.

Grade: B+

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