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‘Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear’ Anime Adaptation Reveals New CM Spot, Season, & Theme Song

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It's time to get your kuma on.

The folks at Seven Seas are likely pleased to know this as they picked up the manga for Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear last October. The arrival of the 14th volume back in January 2020 in Japan has revealed that an anime adaptation is in the works for the project and some new update have landed for it. With a new commercial spot that you can see below, the series has been scheduled for an October 2020 debut. Additionally, it was revealed that Azumi Waki is performing the opening theme song in character as Fina; you can see her tweet about it below as well.

Yuu Nobuta is set to direct it based on the series composition by Takashi Aoshima. Yuki Nakano is on board as the character designer with EMT² handling the animation production.

The two leads are also set with Maki Kawase as Yuna and Azuma Waki as Fina.

The novels began in 2014 from writer Kumanano and artist 029 where there are twelve volumes out so far and going plus an 11.5 volume. The manga was adapted by Sergei which began in 2018 and has three volumes so far.

Seven Seas is bringing out the light novel series for the first time in North America in single volume editions. The first volume is set to be released on July 7th, 2020 for $13.99 USA / $17.99 CAN.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Fifteen-year-old Yuna prefers staying home and obsessively playing her favorite VRMMO game to doing anything else, including going to school. When a strange new update gives her a one-of-a-kind bear outfit that comes with overpowered abilities, Yuna is torn: the outfit is unbearably cute, but too embarrassing to wear in-game. But then she suddenly finds herself transported into the world of the game, facing down monsters and magic for real, and the bear suit becomes the best weapon she has!

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