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Wave, Listen to Me Episode #12 Anime Review (Season Finale)

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One of the reasons that I enjoy this show is that it explores the aspect of being a failure at something or being pathless.

What They Say:
I Want to Convey it to You

As soon as Minare starts her broadcast, a strong earthquake strikes Hokkaido that causes a widespread power outage. Minare is put on the spot to continue her program during the disaster.

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Tachibana has been influenced by Minare and wants to follow in her footsteps. She had adopted the moniker, Joker Skonsky. She has been writing manuscripts for HBC and wants to be hired as a radio host. As the earthquake hits, she takes charge of the Voyager restaurant and crew to feed people who need help. She has only been working there for a short while and She is the character that has been able to progress the most in this show. In the beginning, she was timid and living in the shadows of her brother. She was kept locked in a cage and was able to break free. Her change in personality radiated beautifully. Even the brother is in shock of realizing how the bird that he kept locked in for so long was capable of so much.

Mizuho’s backstory with Kureko is dwelled upon in this episode. Going back to high school, Mizuho has looked up to Kureko and his career. She has always been intrigued by radio and wanted to have a career because of Kureko. There were some brief flashbacks to their relationship but there could have been more shown how Mizuho got influenced by him. Out of the more important members of the main cast, she got the least amount to shine. She was more recognized by her relationship with Minare instead of being known for her personality. 

Minare is getting ready for another wacky adventure as a radio personality. So far, it has been a cakewalk for her. She has nailed it down at every single opportunity she has been given. Because of her storytelling, being a radio host has come naturally. Minare faces her greatest challenge as a radio DJ host as an earthquake strikes and rattles her core. It was the first time that Minare has struggled to talk in the whole show. It was nerve-racking hearing nothing come out of her mouth. This episode can examine Minare as a regular human. She is panicking because of the earthquake and its a normal reaction. Everyone else in the radio station has had training of what to do in case of an earthquake. Minare is still a new employee and hasn’t received that training so she would be the most nervous person. But the show must go on and she has to find her voice. Mato is the one who found Minare and made her work for the radio station. But he has had a mysterious vibe with the path that he wants Minare to take.  Mato confronts her and pushes her to continue past her limit. He does so in a caring but strict manner. His facade disappears as he shows his genuine interest in wanting Minare to succeed in this industry. 

The wonderful light at the end of the storm.

This show had to have one last attempt at a gay joke as the earthquake starts. Takarada is at a restaurant and attempts to touch Tachibana’s brother’s ass. I do wonder why they include those in this anime. They don’t add anything to the show. It’s not hilarious and takes away from the flow of the show. Its been the show major flaw since the start and could do better without.  

In Summary:
This episode does a marvelous job at tying all loose ends from this season. Most of the main cast has been at a crossroad wondering how they can move forward. The earthquake was used superbly to push the cast to their limits and reveal they’re what they are capable of doing in a moment beyond their control. Minare has been going around circles wondering if she has the capabilities of being a radio host. This episode requires to realize the true weight of what it means to be a radio host. She boasts that she is going to be a great host and this time it finally seems believable. Another character that has shown impressive progress is Tachibana. Tachibana started with the worst situation but her road has come along greatly. 

One of the reasons that I enjoy this show is that it explores the aspect of being a failure at something or being pathless. It’s about figuring out what you want to do at a stage where you should already know what you should be doing. It’s acceptable to have failures during your lifetimes. What matters is how people rise after those failures such as how Minare did during the earthquake or Tachibana as she spent her life in the shadows. The bonds that characters create might seem easily breakable in day to day life but they are unbreakable when it comes to moments that matter. 

Grade: A

Streamed by: Funimation

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