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‘The Promised Neverland’ Manga Ends

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The Promised Neverland was a big part of the winter 2019 season and has a second season coming up next year.
© Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu / Shueisha · Promised Neverland Production Committee

The Promised Neverland was a big part of the winter 2019 season and has a second season coming up that’s coming with a winter 2021 debut. It’s also gaining more mainstream appeal as we reported recently that Amazon is developing it for a live-action series. Which is why it makes a certain kind of sense that the creative team behind the manga, Kaiu Shirai and Posua Demizu, brought the property to a close with its final chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump today. The series will have its 20th and final volume ship in October 2020 with details to be announced. It’s always welcome when a creative ends a series on their own timeline and intentions rather than drawn out far beyond what it should be.

Mamoru Kanbe directed the anime adaptation based on the series composition by Toshiya Ono. Kazuaki Shimada is working on the character designs with CloverWorks handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Sumire Morohoshi as Emma, Maaya Uchida as Norman, Mariya Ise as Ray, Nao Fujita as Sister Krone, Yuko Kaida as Isabella/Mom, Shinei Ueki as Don, Lynn as Gilda, Shizuka Ishigami as Nat, Ai Kayano as Anna, Mari Hino as Thoma, Yuuko Mori as Lani, Ari Ozawa as Conny, and Hiyori Kono as Phil.

The English dub has Steve Staley as the ADR director working with scripts by Erica Mendez and Tyson Rinehart. The English cast includes Erica Mendez as Emma, Jeannie Tirado as Norman, Laura Stahl as Ray, Laura Post as Isabella, Rebeka Thomas as Krone, Cedric Williams as Don, Ryan Bartley as Gilda, Amber Connor as Phil, Michelle Ruff as Nat, Brianna Knickerbocker as Anna, Cristina Vee as Thomas, Dana Hayes as Lannion, and Jackie Lastra as Conny.

The manga series has been released domestically by Viz Media and it comes from creators Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu. The project kicked off in Weekly Shonen Jump back in August 2016 and has been steadily rolling on since then.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Emma, Norman, and Ray are the brightest kids at the Grace Field House orphanage. And under the care of the woman they refer to as “Mom,” all the kids have enjoyed a comfortable life. Good food, clean clothes, and the perfect environment to learn—what more could an orphan ask for? One day, though, Emma and Norman uncover the dark truth of the outside world they are forbidden from seeing.

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