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LISTENERS Episode #11 Anime Review

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We’re getting the band back together.
LISTENERS Episode #11

We’re getting the band back together.

What They Say:
With the appearance of Listeners, King of the Earless, the Earless have grown ever more destructive. Roz, Denka, Kevin, and Bilin must each decide how they want to face this crisis.

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The opening of this episode is bleak. The beach is littered with the bodies of dead and dying children as the earless swarm and attack all of the players. Eventually, the creatures disperse, leaving Sally begging for help from the other players who once gathered to perform together. Elsewhere Roz awakens to find her family of earless driven mad and trying to break into her sanctuary. Realizing that something terrible has gone wrong she departs to find Denka.

Everyone seems to converge on Denka around the same time. Everyone might have had their own plans and feelings, approaches, and styles to deal with the Earless but now they realize that their only hope for beating this thing is to work together.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Getting the band back together is one of the greatest tropes of the music movie genre. It’s such a good one though! All of that conflict needing resolution in order to create something beautiful is a great message. In this story about music it was absolutely going to come up at some point. Plus it gives this story a chance to bring back in all these voices from earlier episodes. Even the Noise Sisters have to admit that they need to stand with the others and that the chaos they were embracing was destructive in nature.

By combining the might and mixing every core into a single beam of energy Denka and Kevin hope to end the Earless King’s attack. A beautiful array of colors and equipment in harmony. The scenery is about the only thing beautiful in this episode, as there is a bunch of slightly off-model characters and the CG equipment isn’t as well integrated into the 2D animation as it usually is. Which is unfortunate but not unexpected.

Nir did survive her encounter with Mu, and had returned to Vivienne. Despite pleas from the kind woman who took in Ritchie and Lyde, Nir heads out to confront Mu once again. I’m happy Nir survived that encounter, and I’m just hoping she can survive the last. She certainly seems to be on the path of self-destruction. Bilin and Nir, our two most fiery and self-destructive Players, rush at Mu. Nir is driven by pure thoughts of vengeance, while Bilin still sees herself as a knight looking for a worthy opponent. Yet both can barely even get close before being tossed aside. Nobody can touch the Earless King, their power is immense.

Throughout all of this, not a single soul stops to wonder about Echo. They knew the boy was Mu’s other half and every single one of these folks were egging the two kids to hook up. Nobody mentions him and he is seemingly forgotten. All except one, his sister. As she races inside to take shelter from the purple rain she is warned to escape by Mu, who is only a reflection in a mirror. Echo is only recalled when a piece of equipment is spotted near the center of the swarm.

Echo has indeed become a player, and he’s about to broadcast his feelings straight into the Earless King’s heart.

In Summary:
The stage is set with a laser light show, a full orchestra, and the greatest players the world has ever seen. But throwing all the sound at the problem isn’t going to make it go away. The crowd feeds off the nervous energy of the performers, and Listener is only going to take their hate and amplify it. Conflict isn’t the answer, but what is? Mu is still in there, somewhere, but will Echo be able to reach her? He found the truth but will rock and roll save their immortal souls? I’m excited to see how this all plays out and how their world is changed.

Episode Grade: B +

Streamed by: Funimation

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