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‘Zoids Wild Zero’ Anime Resumption Scheduled

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Up until this new series kicked off back in 2018, the last we saw of this franchise was with the Zoids: Genesis series back in 2005. Zoid Wild landed in 2018 with a new series and lots of toys and Hasbro picked up the rights to it as well. A second season got underway as Zoids Wild Zero with an October 2019 debut and has been running pretty well since – at least up until episode 32nd landed and it was put on hiatus with no new episodes scheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That was back on May 21st, 2020 and now the official site has updated to reveal a June 19th, 2020 debut for the 33rd episode, bringing the show back in its same slot.

The staff for this one has Takao Kato directing it instead of Norihiko Sutou and he’s come on board with writer Kennichi ARaki and character designer Tadashi Sakazaki. The trio worked together on the original series and its sequel.

The Japanese cast includes Sho Nogami as Leo Conrad, Hazuki Senda as Sally Land, Makoto Yasumura as Buzz Cunningham, Yoko Hikasa as Cheat Magician), Hazuki Senda as Sally Land, Daisuke Kishio as Luc, and Toshiki Masuda as Christopher Girel. Hazuki Senda joined as Sally Land while Daisuke Kishio joined as Ivy.

The opening theme song is “blue blue blue” by Ivy to Fraudulent Game while Hazuki Senda performs the ending theme song “Hikari” for it.

Second series promos:

First series promos:

Toy Commercial

[Source: ANN]

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