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‘Tokyo 7th Sisters’ Feature Anime Film Delayed

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Based on the rhythm game of the same name, the feature anime film for Tokyo 7th Sisters has gotten an update from Toei Animation with the drop of a new teaser and key visual (click the image to the right for a larger version). Tthe formal name of the film is Tokyo 7th Sisters: Bokura wa Aozora ni Naru and they had updated earlier in the spring that they’re planning for a summer 2020 debut but know that things could change. They’ve now updated to reveal that they’re looking at special limited theatrical engagements this summer but that the film is now formally undated with a wide release to come later.

Shintaro Motgei, who was the chief director behind the game, is serving as the scriptwriter for it with Takayuki Kitagawa directing. Masakazu Sunagawa is working as the assistant director and it’s being produced at LandQ Studios. Yosuke Kikuchi is pulling double duty as character designer and chief animation director as he adapts from the source.

The game itself debuted in February 2014 on iOS systems before getting an Android release later in the year.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Property concept: In the year 2032, the legendary idol unit “7th Sisters” suddenly retired from the industry and disappeared. That was the end of the idol industry… until two years later, when a young glory-seeking employee is appointed to be the leader of Tokyo’s next generation idol studio, “777 (Three Seven)”, commonly referred to as Nanastar. However, the city continues to believe that idols are a thing of the past, and Nanastar is no exception. Their slump continues, but one day a mysterious and beautiful female manager approaches you and says, “If the idols of the past are gone, we’ll just have to make new idols! True “sisters” linked by powerful bonds!” The story of the idols of the future, the Nanastar Sisters, will now unfold.

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