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Crunchyroll Expands ‘Eureka Seven’ Anime Streaming Distribution

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Eureka SevenWhile a lot of the subsequent works haven’t exactly worked for me over the years, the core Eureka Seven anime series still stands as one of the highlights of the early 2000s in both storytelling and animation with both holding up really well against a lot of today’s standards. The show continues to find a number of re-releases around the world and we’re currently working through the release of the new film trilogy that expands on it.

Crunchyroll is doing their own expansion now as they’ve worked with a new licensing partner in order to bring UK and Ireland into the mix when it comes to where they can stream the show on their service. I believe this is the first time they’ve offered it there so it provides a big chunk of content for folks to check it out if they’ve never seen before, and we definitely recommend it.

Plot concept: For Renton, every days the same. Nothing happens, nothing changes. He goes to school, he goes home. Nothing exciting ever happens to him. Until one day, a giant mecha called an LFO comes crashing down on him literally. And inside is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen! The thing is, though, the girl, named Eureka, is on the run from the military with her stolen mecha, and she’s brought trouble with her.

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