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Harley Quinn Seaason 2 Episode #10 – Dye Hard Review

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Gotham continues to be an absolute mess after all that’s gone on
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Harley Quinn is down to clown.

What They Say:
Alone on Christmas Eve, Harley reconnects with a now-sane Joker and heads to Wayne Tower, where their dinner is interrupted by an escaped Riddler and ParaDemons.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a lot of the focus on the Harley/Ivy relationship the last time around, including them hitting the sheets together a couple of times, I’ve managed to avoid reading much in the way of commentary on it because I know there are going to be plenty of fans of the relationship frustrated that it’s likely not going to go anywhere here. And while I’d love to see them together in this form in such a public way, I’m also really enjoying the whole Ivy/Kite-Man thing way too much to give that up at the same time. It’s a no-win situation so just making a mess of it all does feel like the ideal way to handle things as we get problematic feelings, frustrations, longings, and lots of denial over how they actually feel.

Harley, unfortunately, is feeling really disconnected from everyone once she comes back to her lair as both King Shark and Clayface have plans, Ivy’s off with her beau, and even Psycho is basically done with the group as he wants to do some villainous things. That has Harley heading off to an upscale restaurant and bar in order to find someone to boink. Unfortunately, this place is part of Wayne Tower and that means there’s way too much going on, from parademons attacking from outside to some thugs showing up for a robbery. This proves to be a lot of fun as she ends up playing things with low-key stakes overall compared to what she normally deals with while hanging with the bartender, who is an absolute goof himself. The whole thing spirals comically out of control as they get into Wayne Tech toys, including a cancer ray that’s just over the top but produces some hilarious results from those impacted by it.

As you’d expect, things come full circle with the team showing up at the tower but it doesn’t go as intended as Psycho has gone full bad here and is working with Riddler. Psycho taking over the parademons and putting him into a real position of power, he’s intent on taking over Gotham, even if he’s playing second fiddle to Darkseid when all is said and done. It’s got a lot of fun action as it gets underway and continually seeing the bartender nearly becoming Joker is hilarious to watch play out. Psycho as a true bad guy feels inevitable when you get down to it and with what he’s been through pretty understandable. Harley’s not exactly treated him well and while he’s gotten along with the others, he is opportunistic so there’s no real desire on his part to maintain friendships. Controlling his former friends to take down the problematic ones plays cutely and makes for some good laughs and strange bedfellows with those that work together.

In Summary:
Gotham continues to be an absolute mess after all that’s gone on and it hits a lot of really fun moments here as it goes from bad to worse with Psycho taking a stab at controlling the city. There’s a lot of character material along the way with how Harley is coping with her mistakes and the way they impact things, which includes trying to rescue the Justice League from the Fables book. Which means bringing back the Joker as he’s the one with the goods on that. It’s setting up for the final arc of episodes pretty easily here and while I can’t say I’m enthused to have the Joker coming back, I’m not surprised and it should help to just make things even wackier.

Grade: B+

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