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Discotek Media Schedules ‘Lupin the 3rd: Dragon of Doom’ Anime Release

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The 6th TV special, Dragon of Doom aka Burn, Zantetsuken! gets a license rescue and now a release date!

Originally released almost two decades ago by Funimation, Discotek Media revealed about a month ago that they’ve picked up the rights to the Lupin the 3rd: Dragon of Doom special. The distributor will be bringing it out as a bilingual release using the dub Funimation produced for it and it’ll be in 1080p. New translation notes will be included as well and you can see the artwork to the right. That release has now gotten formal scheduling as it’s set for an August 25th, 2020 debut priced at $24.95.

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Plot Concept: A Hong Kong crime boss contracts Lupin, Fujiko and Jigen to recover a legendary dragon statue that sunk with the Titanic. Unfortunately for them, the dragon is a treasure of Goemon’s clan, said to have power exceeding that of his Zantetsuken sword; he resolves to protect the statue at all costs, even if it means killing his old friends.

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