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Discotek Media Schedules ‘Crusher Joe’ Anime OVA Release

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The deal went sideways, just like it always does.

Discotek Media picked up the rights for the Crusher Joe movie back in 2016 and we saw a home video release for it quickly in 2017. The OVA series has now gotten some new marching orders at long last with a Blu-ray release. The distributor has set an August 25th, 2020 release date for it where it’ll be priced at $29.95. It’s set for the same bilingual presentation as before. No extras are solicited at this moment but you can see see the new packaging for it to the right.

VAP previously brought the property out in Japan on Blu-ray on December 14th, 2016 and the set will contain the theatrical film and the two OVAs. It’s being released in a regular edition priced at 18,000 yen and a limited edition priced at 25,000 yen. The theatrical film in the set is being remastered in 4K while the OVAs are being remastered in 2K.

Plot concept: Crusher teams are hired for all kinds of reasons, and this latest job seemed easy: take a cryogenically frozen, terminally ill woman from a gang of criminals and transport her within thirty hours to a place where her illness could be treated. Only things go sideways when an unknown effect pulls Joe’s ship out of warp, leaving him and his team adrift in space with a United Space Force battleship bearing down on them with accusations of piracy!

What’s more, their patient on ice, their payment, and their client are all missing, which leaves the team with nothing to prove their innocence. Someone set them up, and they’re not about to let that go! A tip leads the team to Lagol, a planet overrun without laws and bandits. It’s a dangerous place, and Joe, Alfin, Ricky,and Talos have only just scratched the surface of a conspiracy that could rip space and time apart.

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