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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO~OHMORI~ Episode #05 Anime Review

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I loved the little details we got throughout the episode.
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What They Say:
LIVE HOUSE “CiRCLE”, the hidden holy ground of band girls. Upon this stage, the chibi characters of BanG Dream! unite once again! Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World! Join the familiar band members as they face the many dangers confronting CiRCLE once more!

… Or maybe not!

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The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
For some strange reason, the girls of Pastel✽Palettes are traversing a desert!? Why!? Well, it seems that CiRCLE is in the middle of the desert. Okay!? No time to ask how that happened because Aya is passing out from the heat! Oh no! Maya is very concerned and checks on her. On the other hand, the other girls are relaxing. Chisato suggests that they take a break. Should they really be relaxing right now? Aya is dying! Chisato, Hina, and Eve begin having a picnic and tell Maya to bring Aya over. Eve offers Maya some tea and she accepts. She takes a sip and spits it out immediately. Yeah, probably not a good idea to drink hot tea in the middle of a freaking desert! Aya chugs down her tea though. Maya decides to brave the desert and search for help. That’s crazy! But it’s all for Aya! Bushido! I see they had to throw in Eve’s catchphrase in there somewhere. even if it didn’t fit, haha.

Maya walks through the desert in hopes of reaching CiRCLE. She can’t find it! The scorching sun is slowly killing her, too! It’s so hot. She needs water! She spots an oasis but it turns out to be a mirage. That sucks. She spots her drum set next. Sadly, also a mirage. She spots the other girls but they’re probably also a mirage, right? Actually, it’s really them! Maya proceeds to pass out from the heat. Rest in peace, Maya. We hardly knew thee.

Hina throws a bunch of water in Maya’s face and she eventually wakes up. Also, they’re not in the desert anymore! They’re in CiRCLE. It seems like she was hallucinating the entire time. It must have been a really hot day! But wait, where’s Aya!? Is she alive!? Yup, she’s fine. Maya hugs her tightly. D’awww.

In Summary:
Remember folks, stay hydrated on hot days! The heat can really play tricks with your mind. You’ll start seeing things that aren’t really there. In Maya’s case, she thought she was stuck in a desert. I’m just glad she’s okay and that they weren’t really stuck in a desert for whatever reason. I was under the impression that the show really wanted to murder all the members of PasuPare at once. I wouldn’t put it past them! I loved the little details we got throughout the episode. When Maya was stumbling around in the desert, you could hear sounds coming from CiRCLE like the door opening or her drums falling down. That was a nice touch. No deaths in this episode once again. Although, Maya almost did die. I guess she did die in her hallucination though. Does that count?

Grade: B

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