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Sentai Filmworks Streams Their ‘Aura: Koga Mayruin’s Last War’ Anime Feature Film Trailer

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Satou Ichirou once called himself ‘Maryuin Koga’ and behaved as if he were a hero in a fantasy world.

Aura Blu-ray HeaderSentai Filmworks picked up the anime feature film Aura: Koga Maryuin’s Last War back in 2015 and brought it out with separate DVD and Blu-ray editions at the time. With the distributor working to increase the trailers that they have for their shows on their channel, particularly for properties they never really put any out for, this one is the latest to get the nod and it’s a nice way to remember something worth revisiting if you haven’t seen it in a bit or if you never saw it at all before and it’s a fresh property for you.

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The film was directed by Seiji Kishi (Persona 4: The Animation, Angel Beats) based on the story composition by Makoto Uezu (Akame Ga Kill, Qwaser of Stigmata) and the screenplay from Jun Kumagi (Nobunaga the Fool, Hamatora). Character designs were adapted from mebae’s designs by Kazuaki Morita (Persona 4: The animation and the actual animation production was toplined by AIC A.S.T.A. (Persona 4: The Animation, Godannar, Heaven’s Lost Property, Bamboo Blade).


Plot concept: Satou Ichirou once called himself ‘Maryuin Koga’ and behaved as if he were a hero in a fantasy world. His strange behavior caused his classmates to bully him and he left the school.

At his new school, he tries to behave like a normal boy, but one day he meets a girl who cosplays with a blue cape. She calls herself “a researcher traveling from the outer world to search for the ‘Dragon Terminal’”. At first, Ichirou rejects the girl, Satou Ryouko, because her behavior reminds him of his embarrassing past, but he changes his mind after seeing her getting bullied.

In order to bring Ryouko back to real life, Ichirou accepts her and his past and begins the final battle as Maryuin Koga.

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