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Midnight Pulp Adds First ‘Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit’ Live-Action Episode Streaming

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The first season of Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit in its live-action form started appearing on Tubi TV with the four-episode seaspm now live there, and hopefully more to come soon. The series was adapted by NHK and was done in 4K as well, resulting in some very good looking material even when scaled down.

A second and third season were commissioned early on as well with both of those seasons, landing in 2017 and 2018, for nine episodes each.

Plot Concept: Balsa (Haruka Ayase) is 30-year old itinerant bodyguard from Kanbal. When she saves Imperial Prince Chagum after falling to a raging river, her life abruptly changes when she is hired to protect Chagum. She is forced to fend off hired assassins seeking to kill Chagum, who has become the host of the egg of the water spirit, which must be returned to its source in the sea.

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