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New Anime This Week

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The first release week of June is here and hopefully more product is actually making it into the channel, to distributors, and to retail locations that are opening up. This week has some really good stuff such as the third season of Aria with some unreleased material, we get more Mix and the debut of Hensuki while also sliding in a few Essentials. Shout! Factory gets Sound! Euphonium in with a movie while Sentai Filmworks opts for some Tamako Market Love Story material. And last but certainly not least, a beautiful new Tokyo Godfathers release on Blu-ray and DVD!

  1. Aria the Origination Season 3 + OVAs Blu-ray
  2. Classes in Seduction Blu-ray
  3. Demon Lord Retry! Blu-ray
  4. Hensuki Are You Willing to Fall in Love With a Pervert as Long as She’s a Cutie? Blu-ray
  5. Mix Part 2 Blu-ray
  6. Phantom Requiem for the Phantom Complete Series Essentials Blu-ray
  7. Robotics;Notes Essentials Blu-ray
  8. Sound! Euphonium The Movie Our Promise A Brand New Day Blu-ray/DVD
  9. Strike Witches 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off! Blu-ray
  10. Tamako Market Love Story Collection Blu-ray
  11. Tokyo Godfathers Blu-ray/DVD
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