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EVO Goes Online For 2020

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EVO 2020 is fast approaching now, and I feel it's great to see them use games like this that deserved more of a shake than they got. 

Unsafe Conditions spell a new turn for EVO.  With the Coronavirus still very much shutting down most public gatherings, things like EVO are 100% not happening in the usual way.  Things still being as they are, Joey “Mr. Wiz” Cuellar announced that EVO would be taking a new tack and going online this year.  Given the originally announced line up, this seemed like the event was headed for disaster.  It must be said, though the original line up works well in person, the online of games like Street Fighter V or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is rather infamous for how bad and nonfunctional it is.  Though the original games will get tournaments via online, EVO has also put forth a few more games with better online experiences as open tournaments to supplement this whole thing.  Let’s talk about those games, shall we?

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath: It seemed like the original EVO lineup was shoving NRS’ most current game out of the spotlight, but as they go online, MK11 couldn’t be denied!  Not only has the new expansion given us 3 new characters in Sheeva, Robocop, and Fujin, but its online is currently one of the better ones out there.  Not only has MK11’s Online been touted as one of the best, but it also notifies players when their opponent is on Wi-Fi, making it easier to sort out for tournaments.  This was a no brainer to put back on the lineup, and it’s nice to see it avoid dropping from EVO entirely.

Killer Instinct: Here’s a game that bafflingly fell off of EVO’s lineup YEARS ago.  Not only is this one of the best fighting games from the last few years, but it’s consistently noted as having possibly the BEST online experience around.  This is a game that’s never failed to bring hype, and is always fun to either play or watch.  It’s super nice to see this game come back and see all the folks playing it again.

Them’s Fightin’ Herds: This one was a pleasant surprise to see here!  Originally a My Little Pony fighting game before a cease and desist by Hasbro, and with character designs by Lauren Faust, This is a surprise hit game with great online!  It’s about time a game like this made it to EVO, and I think a lot of folks will be glad it did when all is said and done.  This may just put the game on the map more than ever, and it deserves it!

Skullgirls 2nd Encore: Here’s a game many have called for to return to EVO, and now it finally has.  With the 2nd Encore DLC boasting new characters and stages, this game is still one of the best out there in terms of gameplay and presentation.  This is a game that earned its rep by the value it presents.  There’s a reason people urge others to buy this game when it goes on sale- It’s worth every dollar.

Hopefully, the appearance of these games and the reception they get spells more future events for them.  EVO 2020 is fast approaching now, and I feel it’s great to see them use games like this that deserved more of a shake than they got.  What are your thoughts on the lineup?  Would you change anything?


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