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‘Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater’ Anime Rescheduled

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Fishing fans, rejoice!
© Yasuyuki Kosaka / Akita Shoten

With the launch of a teaser site back just about a year ago, we learned that Yasuyuki Kosaka’s manga series Hokago Teibo Nisshi was getting an anime adaptation as part of the April 2020 season. Localized as Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater and set for an April 21st, 2020 debut, we had three episodes that hit before the COVID-19 pandemic caused the show to be put on hiatus. Now, the official site has confirmed that it’ll restart next month wit ha July 7th, 2020 debut with the first episode. The fourth episode that will be new to most people is set for a July 28th, 2020 debut if they want to skip the first three.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Kanon Takao as Hina Tsurugi
  • Natsumi Kawaida as Natsumi Hodaka
  • Yū Sasahara as Yūki Kuroiwa
  • Satomi Akesaka as Makoto Ohno

The series has Takaharu Okuma directing based on the series composition by Fumihiko Shimo. Katsuhiro Kumagai is handling the character designs while Doga Kobo is involved with the animation production.

The manga began in 2017 as his first series with five volumes out so far.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: The story revolves around Hina and her group of three other female high school students. Hina is an indoor-oriented girl who likes crafts and moves to a seaside town to continue with her high school education. She meets upperclassman Kuroiwa as she walks along an embankment and joins the mysterio “Embankment Club.” Hina dislikes sea creatures, but she fishes with her fellow club members and eats their catches. She gradually starts to appreciate the appeal of the ocean.

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