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She gets a lil too excited to take their picture in this new ‘DearS’ anime clip

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It's always awkward when you run into your teacher after school.....
© Peach-Pit

Based on the manga by Peach-Pit, the thirteen-episode series DearS animated by Daume that ran back in the summer of 2004 is streaming on a few different services. With Discotek Media picking it up in early 2014 and bringing it out on DVD, they’re now bringing out some clips from the show including this one from RetroCrush. It’s just a bit over a three-minutes long and comes from the seventh episode when the gang comes across someone you don’t want to see outside of school. The full thirteen episode run is available on the service in its original Japanese with English language subtitles.

Plot concept: One year ago, an alien spacecraft crashed into Tokyo Bay. With no means to return, aliens obtain Japanese citizenship and begin a home-stay program with regular families and schools. They are given the name “DearS,” meaning “beloved friend.”

However, Takeya, an opinionated teen, doesn’t trust the aliens one bit. But when Takeya encounters a mysterious girl who is cold, hungry, and wrapped only in a blanket, he takes pity on her.

As he brings her home to care for her, he finds that she is quite possibly one of the DearS. Add an alien cat-girl, an over-sexed teacher, and this DearS considers Takeya her master, life is beginning to become a little more than he can handle.

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