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Kaiten Books Acquires ‘Uzamaid!’ Manga

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With a 2018 anime adaptation behind it, Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!, also known as Uzamaid!, has found a licensing partner for the manga. The work by Kanko Nakamura has six volumes to its name at this point and the publisher has picked up by print and digital rights for it. No start date has been set for it yet and whether it’s singles or omnibus volumes.

Masahiko Ohta directed the fall 2018 anime adaptation with Takashi Aoshima handling the scripts while Jun Yamazaki worked on the character designs.

The Japanese cast includes Haruka Shiraishi as Misa, Manami Nakamura as Tsubame, M.A.O as Midori Ukai, Sayaka Harada as Mimika Washizaki, Shiori Izawa as Yui Morikawa, and Masayuki Katou as Yasuhiro Takanashi.

The manga began in 2016 in Manga Action magazine and has six volumes out now.

Check out the official manga site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: After the tragic loss of her mother, Misha Takanashi had all but shut herself away from the world. Her father desperately tried to hire new maids in order to take care of her and the housework while he’s busy with his own job, but it was to no avail as she manages to run them out of the position–all of them except one.

Before she knows it, Misha finds herself the center of attention of one Kamoi Tsubame, an eccentric exJSDF master sergeant who isn’t fazed in the slightest by Misha’s attempts to drive her away. Enamored by the adorable little girl, Tsubame makes it her personal goal to get Misha to open up her heart to her (and maybe even get her to wear the cute clothes she makes as well.)

While her intentions are (mostly) good, Tsubame has a habit of taking things to the extreme when it comes getting closer to Misha, leading to all sorts of crazy situations that exasperate her to no end.

Now, the pressure is on as Misha tries to find a way to deal with a maid who’s just way too annoying!


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