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Wave, Listen to Me Episode #09 Anime Review

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This was the shows first serious episode and it still manages to make some great jokes.

Minare’s ex-boyfriend enters the scene with chaotic results.

What They Say:
I Won’t Believe You

Minare receives a text from Mitsuo and agrees to meet up. Despite all the inner turmoil, she ends up spending the whole day with him.

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Minare’s ex-boyfriend, Mitsuo, texts her out of nowhere and wants to meet with her. They set up a date that is bound to create many disasters. This sets her down the warpath and a journey of great comedic misery. Mitsui has been the bane of Minare’s existence since episode 1. Minare had lent him 500,00 yen, which is about 4638.86 US Dollars, and he took off and she never heard back from him. It’s exciting to see him appear and how he managed to live with Minare. How can someone survive to live with Minare crazy antics?

Minare shares the good news with Mizuho and Mizuho interprets it differently. She is excited that Minare is getting back with her ex-boyfriend. But Minare is less than thrilled and is already plotting something psychotic scheme. Minare wants to borrow Mizuho’s computer to search for how to purchase a hunting gun. Japan has strict regulations on obtaining a gun and it would be impossible for Minare to get one. But it is amusing to see Minare being pushed to this kind of insanity. Mizuho looks at her with absolute disgust as she keeps babbling on about her plan. Seeing Mizuho’s expression after that moment was priceless. She has looked up to Minare and seen her as a source of inspiration. Mizuho is the sunshine of the show and to see her with that emotion is thrilling.

Minare goes on the date with Mitsuo expecting to do the worst to him. But she sees some good qualities to him and quickly falls back in love with. He still has some of his old disgusting characteristics but he has developed some positive traits. He pays her half of the money he owes her and gives her one of her favorite snacks. He treats her to a good meal with his own money. All of the qualities that make a person attractable to a woman like Minare. Minare wanted revenge so desperately and now that feeling is gone. I never thought that this show would show Minare as a woman in love. Flattery will get you everywhere and Mitsuo uses this expression to get back inside Minare’s heart.

Mitsuo invitees Minare back to his apartment and she feels like she is at home. But at this point, Mitsuo’s bad qualities start to show up one by one. He acts like a child and wants Minare to do everything for him. He tells multiple lies about how he used Minare’s money and how he acquired the money he used to pay Minare. He had acquired the money from another girl he was seeing at the same thing as Minare.

Going back a few episodes, Mitsuo was about to be killed by his girlfriend but Minare’s radio show started playing. His girlfriend freaked out since Minare was talking about her situation with Mitsuo. She ran out the door and got hit by a car and is now in the hospital. Turns out that he was also borrowing money from this new girlfriend and was being the same sleazebag Minare made him out to be. The girlfriend found out that he was lying about his situation. Mitsuo leaves her with only one path and that is for her to kill him. Mitsuo is a curse on all that comes his path. It’s better to be with the disaster that is Minare. She may say something negative but she still cares about you in her weird manner.

Minare figures out that Mitsuo is lying from a cooking magazine the girlfriend left behind. Minare performs the best german suplex on Mitsuo as revenge for all he has done. It was so breathtaking, the episode had to do a slow repeat to fully grasp its beauty. Minare should consider a career as a professional wrestler. She has already taken out two men with her wrestling moves.

In Summary:
I always have seen Minare as completely nuts but there are reasons for her erratic behavior. This episode takes some much needed time to establish why she is the way she is. Minare has been slowly foreshadowing Mitsuo as a great evil that needs to be defeated and she is justified in this episode. Mitsuo has a great deal to live up with and he was portrayed wonderfully. This show has managed to showcase characters that are greatly diverse in their personality. They get a chance to showcase their personality when dealing with Minare’s profound temperament. This was the shows first serious episode and it still manages to make some great jokes.

Grade: A

Streamed By: Funimation

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