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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For May 31st, 2020

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So. Much. TV.
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Watching as the current season gets spread out in order to try and have something for the coming weeks has been interesting, but it’s also disheartening – and entirely understandable – as planned spring finales are being adjusted to launch the next season in the fall. That’s going to make for some awkward finales for a few shows I’m sure. but in this time of the coronavirus, it’s the smallest of worries but something tangible that you can latch onto and work with amid the bigger worries. And sometimes that’s a good coping mechanism for many.

Our weekly show reviews at the moment, going into the summer, is just of Harley Quinn with its second season. We wrapped up pieces for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, See, The Mandalorian, and the very enjoyable Star Trek: Picard during their broadcast/streaming runs.

There are a number of shows coming up over the summer as part of binging runs that I’m excited about but there’s a quiet period that’s hitting at the moment. One of those is the third season  of Somebody Feed Phil. The guy is an absolute goof and utterly charming as one would expect for this kind of format and it works really well. I enjoyed the prior seasons and am spacing these out so we only got to see the Marrakesh episode so far. But my goodness I wanted all the plate ware from the final sequence with the guy behind MasterChef: Morroco.

The little show that could is going to wrap up this summer with its seventh and final season and Agents of SHIELD is off to a good start. This season takes us back to 1931 at the start in order to show how the alien race known as Chromicons are intent on eliminating SHIELD because of the trouble they are in the future and that means the team has to save HYDRA from being eliminated since they used SHIELD to accomplish things. It’s a tug on one thread thing. The season got off to a good start with its opening episode with all the polish that one should expect from such a show and I’m excited to see where it goes over the next twelve weeks.

Repeating what I said last week, when the Star Wars Rebels series first aired there were some hard feelings from some fans. Clone Wars had been ended unceremoniously and we were getting the then final season of it in shortened form through Netflix. Rebels was going to skew a bit younger and was bringing us closer to the original trilogy, taking place about five years before A New Hope. I distinctly remember being frustrated by the first season because it was focused on Lothal too heavily and we didn’t get out and about in this big galaxy all that much.

With the seventh and final season of Clone Wars wrapping up earlier this month, I opted to roll into Rebels right after while watching with my daughter because we’d enjoyed the time with the Clone Wars material and she hadn’t seen Rebels. It took a few days with some real binging going on but we burned through the second season and are taking a bit of a breather. But what a run it had as we got some time with Leia, built up the fleet, introduced the B-Wing fighter into the stable of ships, deepened the relationship between Kanan and Hera, and then went into a huge two-part finale that made clear the larger fight between Ahsoka and Vader while throwing Maul into the mix and killing a few Inquisitors.

I’ll say it again, Maul has every single of the best lightsaber fights in the entire animated/live-action portions of the franchise..

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