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Pony Canyon Schedules ‘Healin’ Good Precure’ Anime DVD/BD Releases

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Check out the home video release details for this series.
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The 17th incarnation of Precure was got underway with a February 2nd, 2020 debut as Healin’ Good Precure which looks to partner up the kids with animals to help treat the precious Earth right. Pony Canyon is handling the home video releases for it and they’ve set a September 16th, 2020 debut for the first volume on Blu-ray where it’ll be priced at 25,300 yen. They’re also doing four DVD releases that will lead up to that release beginning on July 22nd, 2020 where they’re priced at 4,180 yen each. Check out the Blu-ray scheduling below!

The series has Yoko Ikeda as the chief director with Junko Komura handling the scripts. Naoko Yamaoka is on board with character designs for it.

The Japanese cast includes Aoi Yūki as Cure Grace/Nodoka Hanadera, Natsu Yorita as Cure Fontaine/Chiyu Sawaizumi, Hiyori Kono as Cure Sparkle/Hinata Hiramitsu, Ai Kakuma as Rapirin, Hana Takeda as Pegitan, Aki Kanada as Nyatoran, and Haruka Shiraishi as Latte.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: The Healing Garden, a secret world that treats Earth’s ailments, has been attacked by the Byōgens who seek to infect Earth. Three “medical trainee” Healing Animals and Latte, a Healing Garden princess with special powers, have come in search of partners to avert the threat. The three girls they meet — Nodoka, Chiyu, and Hinata — transform into Precures and stand up to the Byōgens to protect all life on Earth and the Healing Garden.

Volume Date Extras
1 09/16/20 Booklet, Dance Lesson, Clean Opening, Clean Closing, Transformation Commercials

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