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Harley Quinn Seaason 2 Episode #09 – Bachelorette Review

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It’ll be interesting to see how they work themselves out of this and into the finale with four episodes left.
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A kiss that changes everything.

What They Say:
It’s Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend for Ivy and Kite Man.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The show went really big the last time around with some real fun with Darkseid and all that it entails and then going and boosting up Harley for it – complete with magical girl transformation sequence. All that power and what was accomplished with it was a lot of fun but it ended on that note where you had to wonder just where the series would take it. The Harley and Ivy relationship has been a strong best buds thing that really worked for me even though I would have preferred their more romantic version that we’ve had in the comics over the years. But ending that episode with a kiss that sort of made both of them question things was spot on for giving fans a chance to try and game it out a bit in a different way, which I don’t mind them doing since they’ve hit the nail on the head a lot here.

Harley’s kind of trying to suppress this at the moment because she knows Ivy’s all about Kite-man and she’s put together a kick-ass bachelorette party on Themiyscra of all places. It’s an amusing journey there because we get the invisible plane and invisible van where things go badly for any birds that fly into it but there’s also just awkward moments between the two as it goes on. Never mind the “friends” that Harley put together for the part with Catwoman, Mr. Freeze’s wife, and Ivy’s childhood Jennifer who hates Harley since she stole the position of maid of honor. There’s a lot to like in seeing how the island has reworked things so that they can be a tourist destination for women and Harley’s running it well as she’s really trying to give her friend the best time. It’s got that additional element of suppressing her own feelings but watching those leak out is definitely fun.

Of course, the gang also has to find some entertainment on a small nearby island called Hedonikka where there are just men and it’s basically a huge Magic Mike kind of thing and you see just how into it a few of the women get. While there’s a bigger plot that comes into this episode that leans into the action side of things – which is hilarious – but we also get a moment where Harley and Ivy wake up in bed together after a night of mindblowing sex and orgasms. Ivy doesn’t want anything to do with it and just wants to leave but Harley’s able to keep her there as part of the bigger plan. But i really do like the reality that Ivy could completely see something really serious with her but she also understands exactly who Harley is. They’ve been together long enough for her to know and understand it in that Harley would leave at some point, but you do hope that Harley has changed enough and keeps changing so that it’d work. But every fear of Ivy’s feels justified in the context of this incarnation.

In Summary:
The episode also leans heavily into a big Little Mermaid kind of story involving King Shark and his going back home and dealing with things there. There’s even a big musical number in the middle of the episode. It’s definitely amusing and King Shark has really been my favorite secondary character of the series so I was delighted by the whole thing. All the time with Harley and Ivy is important here in her larger development and while it ends on a downer, it’s one that feels natural at this point with what she’s been going through. I’m a huge fan of the Ivy/Harley relationship but I’m so invested in Kite-Man in this series that it’s leaving me very confused about how to feel about it. It’ll be interesting to see how they work themselves out of this and into the finale with four episodes left.

Grade: B+

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