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Rin uses her own methods to be with Ikuto over Suzu in a new ‘Nagasarete Airanto’ anime clip

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Ikuto likes strong women like Rin, who is capable of lifting trees.

King Records brought out a complete Blu-ray box set for the Nagasarete Airantou anime series two years ago as a part of its 10th-anniversary and that series finally made its way to North America thanks to Discotek Media last year. They’re now getting a little promotion for the show as the folks at RetroCrush have put out a new piece about it, which may be the first time some folks have even heard about the show. The latest clip comes in at a fun three minutes and delivers some good stuff as it’s basically an Ikuto x Rin compilation of moments between the two that will make you smile.

The twenty-six episode series is set for a May 28th, 2019 debut where it’s priced at $44.95. Fans can finally get a look at the show before deciding to own it as Crunchyroll is now streaming the series in its original Japanese language with English subtitles as well as being available via Amazon streaming. No dub was produced for the show previously. Availability is better than usual as it’s open to viewers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland

Directed by Hideki Okamoto based on the series composition by Mamiko Ikeda, it comes from the manga by Takeshi Fujishiro. Naoto Hosoda served as the character design with animation production by studio feel. The leading cast includes Hiro Shimono as Ikuto Touhouin and Yui Horie as Suzu.

Plot Concept: Following an argument with his father, Ikuto runs away from home. Along the way he boards a cruise ship and is knocked overboard in the ensuing storm. After drifting away out to sea, he eventually washes ashore on an island named “Airanto” by the locals. The island is surrounded by whirlpools making any attempt to escape impossible, and likely life-threatening. Only women reside on this island, putting Ikuto in the unique position where nearly every person around him sees him as prime husband material. Will Ikuto be able to adapt to life on this uncharted island with women fighting over him, sometimes literally! – at every single turn?

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