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Time Paradox Ghost Writer #2 Manga Review

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This chapter leaves off with a wonderful dilemma that will be Teppei’s greatest challenge going forward. I am excited to see how that plays out. 

Creative Staff
Story: Kenji Ichima
Art: Tsunehiro Date
Tranlation: Stephen Paul
Lettering: Snir Aharon

 What They Say:
On a cold and stormy night, I decided to give up on my dream. But lightning strikes! And now I have an issue of Shonen Jump from the future! Teppei Sasaki is a passionate rookie manga artist who dreams of getting a series in Weekly Shonen Jump. One day, he gets a copy of Jump from ten years in the future. Is it all a coincidence, or is it fate? Whatever the case, destiny is about to change…. Time Warps! Destinies intersected! For a tomorrow that was never meant to be. 

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The microwave time machine keeps sending future issues of Weekly Shonen Jump to the present. Teppei figures out that White Knight isn’t his creation and that he plagiarized someone else’s work. He questions whether what he is doing is good or bad. There is a slight second where he justifies his actions and wants to keep going. The next moment he realizes that what he is doing is wrong. He took ideas from another person and this hurts him to his core. Teppei has started as a flawed hero. He takes a minute to collects his though and he wants to succeed on his terms Just when he is about to cut the power wire on the microwave, he gets a call from his editor for a meeting about his manga. 

It’s fascinating to see how people are reacting to White Knight. Everyone is treating it as one of the best manga they have ever read. It makes me want to read a version of it. But I don’t feel like reading it would do it justice. I don’t feel like that kind of manga can be shown. All of the readers are hyping up to be the perfect manga and that cant be demonstrated. White Knight is elevated to epic levels because of people’s reactions. Teppei’s new editor, Muneoka, has been engrossed in the story. Teppei mentions that he doesn’t want to continue with the story. Muneoka won’t take no for an answer and strongly pushes the great aspects of the manga. He brings out an abundant amount of fan mail and says that its the most they have gotten for a new artist.   

I enjoyed how the rules of how time travel works are set up in this manga. Time isn’t changed when Teppei writes White Knight ten years earlier than it was supposed to. Instead, he created a parallel world with a new unknown future.  This series is using this mechanic for all its worth. This mechanic still allows Teppei to receive the original future issues of Weekly Shonen Jump so that he could keep working on White Knight. There are no consequences to the original future and Teppei could do whatever he wants. The only consequence is what will happen to Itsuki Anno in the new present. Itsuki Anno appears at the end and already has Teppei’s tongue. 

In Summary:
I am starting to get around to like Teppei as the series protagonist. He is an Average Joe who dreams of hitting off big. He has tried time and time again but he isn’t capable of reaching the big leagues. He gets an exciting chance with the microwave time machine and is presented with a gripping dilemma. Does he take someone’s work as his own or tell the truth? He is going to have to always live with the guilt that he cant write his own story. The series created substantial rules of time travel. These rules are simple but I would like it to present a new dilemma to Teppei. Teppei has it easy with these time travel rules. This chapter leaves off with a wonderful dilemma that will be Teppei’s greatest challenge going forward. I am excited to see how that plays out. 

Content Grade: A
Art Grade: A
Text/Translation Grade: A 

Age Rating: Teen
Released By: Shonen Jump
Release Date: May 24, 2020

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