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Tubi TV Pulp Adds ‘Blue Seed’ Anime Streaming

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A young girl and a servant rebelling against his masters are humanity’s only chance for survival against evil shape-shifting monsters.

The folks at Discotek Media dug up another bit of the past with a license rescue of the Blue Seed property a bit ago. Originally released by ADV Films, Discotek Media brought out the show on home video as an SDBD release (via Amazon) and now they’re setting some new streaming for it. The folks at Tubi TV have now added the property that contains the twenty-six episode TV series in its English dubbed form only on the service.

Check out our review of the TV series and our review of the OVA series.

Plot Concept: The countdown to extinction begins when the evil shape-shifting monsters known as the Aragami make their grand play to gain control of the earth. Humanity’s only chance for survival rests on the shoulders of Momiji, a young girl carrying an unborn Aragami in her chest and Kusanagi, a servant of the Aragami rebelling against his masters in order to ensure mankind’s survival. Watch the battle for earth’s survival unfold in the groundbreaking anime series, Blue Seed!

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