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LISTENERS Episode #08 Anime Review

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See me, feel me, touch me, heal me.
LISTENERS Episode #08

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me.

What They Say:
Episode #8: “Real Me”
Echo and Mu continue their journey to find Jimi and end up in Londinium. In Londinium, Mu is asked to participate in their plans for Christmas, which is one week away.

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Jumping back to our protagonist duo, Mu and Echo wonder how they will reach Londinium. Like a bolt from the blue a group of helicopters passes overhead and land, and a man takes Mu’s hand calling her “Princess.”

We went from Pink Floyd to the Sex Pistols… and now that we’re back in Londinium it’s clear it’s time for some more Brit rock. We’re introduced to a leader of the Londinium military, Tommy Walker. Yes, named after Tommy from The Who rock opera of the same name. There’s also a woman who works with him named Sally Simpson. This episode is far from a retelling of Tommy though, although it does feature Christmas, drugs, and longing for acceptance and understanding.

Tommy knows about Mu’s identity as Jimi’s sister and tells her of a plan he has to lure Jimi back from the other side of a portal to the realm of the Earless. They plan on doing this by creating a play that would recreate the conditions that sent Jimi to the other side. As the kids that form the larger part of the military cheerfully join in as bit players, Mu reluctantly agrees to the plan.

Put up in the command tower with good food and nice beds, it’s a stark contrast to the working class Londinium we saw in the previous episode. Knowing how the military treats those in the city it’s extremely unsurprising when it turns out Tommy is an asshole working to his own ends. It’s even worse when he takes up the “love is all you need” motto. Love is certainly going to play a large role at the end of this series, considering the fact that several people keep urging Echo and Mu to hook up.

While Mu practices for her role, Echo is reacquainted with Marshall. It’s interesting to see that the mechanic has taken a liking to the kids and it’s good that Echo will have an ally in the city. Especially since we don’t know how his reunion with Nir is going to shake out. The play Mu performs about Jimi’s life is titled “All Along the Watchtower” and starts with a recitation of the lyrics from the Stones song “2,000 Light Years From Home.” We don’t get the finer details, but we do learn that all Players are born with the same song in their hearts. That tune Mu hums isn’t unique to her.

At the climax of the performance Tommy springs his trap and rather than attempting to retrieve Jimi from the other side, tries to turn Mu into the next Jimi. One can of Teen Spirit later and Mu is forcibly connected to some equipment and sent out against the Earless Queen swarm. That’s when things get even more confusing. Mu goes a little berserk upon being flooded with memories or experiences that we aren’t sure are real or what. Is she really an Earless taken human form? Maybe it’s all an illusion. Either way, now we have a real enemy to take on in the form of Tommy.

In Summary:
They were warned that Londinium was a dangerous place, but Echo and Mu wanted to find out what happened to Jimi, no matter what. Welcomed in with open arms and a generous heart, the two are tricked into a situation that is just repeating a disaster all over again. Tommy has gone rogue, and the dream of bringing their hero back is shown to be a farce. Is Mu truly special, or is she just another brick in the wall? I’m not really sure, but I anticipate a love song in the future of our cast. I’m enjoying Listeners for what it is now that we’re getting closer to the climax. Although I have to admit, I think I’m doing a better job inserting random lyrics into my reviews than the show is.

Episode Grade: B

Streamed by: Funimation

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