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Yen Press Acquires ‘Three Days of Happiness’ Novel

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A twenty-year-old with little hope for the future discovers a shop that buys lifespan, time, and health.

Yen Press has another novel project that they’ve picked up which will definitely be easier than others with the single-volume title Three Days of Happiness. The work comes from Miaki Sugaru with illustrations by E9L. The novel originally came out in 2013 from Mediaworks Bunko and Yen Press intends to bring it out during October 2020 with formal solicitations to come.

A spin-off manga was produced in 2016 by Shouchi Taguchi that ran for three volumes but that has not been picked up. Yet.

Plot Concept: Kusunoki decides to sell off the next thirty years of his life at a mysterious shop in exchange for money—and maybe a chance to find something worth living for.

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