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Yen Press Acquires ‘Heterogenia Linguistico’ Manga

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Part of a rising trend in manga with unconventional twists on fantasy storytelling such as Delicious in Dungeon and A Witch’s Printing Office.

Yen Press has another interesting property that they’ve picked up for an October 2020 release with Heterogenia Linguistico. The work comes from creator Salt Seno (listed as Soruto Seno on many sites) that began in Young Ace Up magazine back in 2018. It’s an ongoing series with two volumes to its name so far in Japan.

Plot Concept: After his professor is injured, rookie linguist Hakaba is entrusted with his work, a research trip to study the language of monsters. Traveling together with his guide Susuki, he dives into the complex world of interspecies communication!

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