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‘The Three Musketeers: Aramis the Adventure’ Anime Gets RetroCrush Distribution

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In this anime classic, the legendary adventures of the Three Musketeers get an animated spin.

The folks at RetroCrush have added a new anime film to their distribution with The Three Musketeers: Aramis the Adventure as well as the TV series. The 1989 film clocks in at about 46-minutes and was directed by Kunihiko Yuyama based on the screenplay by Yasuo Tanami. Shingo Ozaki worked on the character designs with Gallop handling the animation production. Both productions are available on their site and app in their original Japanese with English subtitles.

The show also recently got Amazon Prime distribution where you can check it out in its original Japanese here for free or rent it for$2.99 if you’re not a Prime member. Non-Prime members can also buy it for $9.99.

The Japanese cast includes Eiko Yamada as Aramis, Tatsuya Matsuda as D’Artagnan, Akira Kamiya as Athos, Fumi Hirano as Milady, Masamichi Sato as Portos, Mayumi Tanaka as Jean, Noriko Hidaka as Constance Bonacieux, and Takehito Koyasu as François.

Plot Concept: The musketeers help a damsel in distress, but unfortunately she is found dead the following day. D’Artagnan is arrested as prime suspect since he was the last one seen with the lady. Investigating the murder reveals that the crime is not only connected to Aramis’s past, but to the French monarchy itself.

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