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The House Spirit Tatami-chan Episode #06 Anime Review

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It’s simply uncomfortable from start to finish.

“Hot Guy Hell and Mixers”

What They Say:
Cute but rude! Tatami-chan is a crazy-cute heroine taking on the ghosts, spirits, and even humans residing in the Tokyo metropolitan area in the new Reiwa era! Oshikiri’s unique style is on full display in this thrilling horror-gag comedy, coming soon! This episode has Tatami heading to Karaoke Sound to experience what it’s like in the big city since they’re everywhere.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After some pain with the social media episode the last time around, this one has Tatami heading off to a social mixer as a way to try and connect with people in Tokyo. That it’s filled with some really terrible guys right from the start, including a self-admitted man-whore, they detail themselves even more and you just want to scrape the ick off you as hard as possible. Of course, the girls are all pretty much monster-types themselves so it’s a real mixed bag on what to take away from it. With them all sitting across from each other at the table, it digs into some of who they are and how Okiku is looking to lose her virginity today. The guys are in an utter panic and are just making it worse as the insults drive the landlady to violence. It’s simply uncomfortable from start to finish.

In Summary:
When the show does dip into the back and forth as they talk to each other, it just gets worse from there as it akes the guys think they’re in hell. While Tatami is kind of a bland middle of the road here, everyone else is just intense in really bad ways and each new sentence feels like it’s just turning into darker and more dangerous directions for all involved. It’s definitely a mixer from hell, not that Tatami-chan would know the difference.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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